Christian Adleta
Discord Pin Bot
When your channels pinned memes are overflowing, this bot is here to help!


Very simple bot that copys memes to another channel when a user reacts with a cherry or golden star emoji.


A few friends asked me if there was a way to have an entire channel dedicated to pinned memes. We had a few bots that would send memes from subreddits to the various channels, but we ran out of space in our pinned messages. With a little convincing, I started working on making my very own discord bot.

I didn't even both to make it super fancy. I even went so far as to hard code the channels and emojis the discord bot uses.

Nov 2022 Update:

Unfortuanely, the platform that I was hosting the discord bot stopped all free services. Which means that the bot is now just sitting in a file, waiting for the day I bring it back to life.