Christian Adleta
Goal Bar
Pace out your larger goals by focusing on what progress you can make today!


  • Focus on today's progress
  • See how much you need to complete to be on track
  • Adjust your goal date easily
  • See an estimate to completion based on today's progress
  • Choose your own colors for each bar of the progress bar
  • Show and hide advanced stats about your goal
  • Minimalist goal bar view mode


I haven't always been a goal-oriented person. Over time, and with practice I would set goals and see if I could achieve them. I read that if you write a goal down, its more likely to be achieved. I followed the S.M.A.R.T. goal structure, and learn about stretch goals. I started collecting and experimenting with different ways to look at goal setting and tracking. I started slowly leaning towards a visual way of tracking goals.

Notebook with my goals displayed in it
A small notebook I used to track my goals.

The second iteration of my visual goal tracker was a paper that I would create and print out at the beginning of every month. It would have that months goals, and the segments that I would need to complete them broken down over the course of the month.

Printed Goal Sheet
A printed goal sheet that I would use to track my goals.

I used this printed sheet idea for well over a year, until I decided I wanted to use something that would be digital. The problem that I ran into with the printed goal sheet was that I had to design the sheet by hand every month. I would have to measure out each goal, and its subparts in a program designed for digital illustration, not mathy goal bars.