Christian Adleta
Classic Productivity Bar
Track your progress, and compare it to a simple timer.


I built a program that displays a progress bar on the top of your monitor so that you can visualize how much time you have left for a task vs. how much progress you've made on that task. It's like an hourglass but better.

Productivity Bar

This program has 2 modes: a timer mode and a progress bar mode.

Timer Mode: Start, Stop and Reset a timer that progress from the left to the right of your screen.

Progress Bar Mode: Add and subtract progress towards a goal. For example, completing 3/6 peer reviews.

There is a button that lets you switch the large bar between the 2 modes. As well as a button to open the session timer.

Fun fact: I didn't know how to make the design responsive, so it is fixed at 4k resolution. I believe its 3840x180.

Session Timer

Hidden inside of the progress bar is a session timer. This is just a simple timer that I used to track how long I have been working, and the percent of productive time for the session. I also modified it to display how much money I was making per hour.

This is the first project that I added a night mode to. It also has a little settings menu that allows you to change the $/hr, night mode, and enabled or disabled productivity percent.

As well as a little Money gif and sound effect that plays every 15 minutes or $5.