Christian Adleta
System Shut Down Timer
Prevents you from playing "just one more game" by automatically turning off your computer after a set amount of time.


I like to play games until 1 am and I built a program to help me go to sleep on time by shutting down my computer before my bedtime every night.

Why Build A Self Destruct Button?

It is so easy to look at just one more YouTube video, play one more game, or stay up for just another 15 minutes. And it got to the point where I felt like I was unable to control when I went to bed.

So I gave up my control for when my computer shuts down.

There are two main reasons why I build something that automatically shuts down my computer.

  1. I can defuse (or delay) being shut down for 2 minutes at a time. This is enough time to finish whatever game or video I am watching before going to bed.
  2. This program shuts down the computer safely, it does not turn off the power to the computer, which would cause memory problems when saving, and it closes out the programs before shutting down.