Christian Adleta
Productivity Bar
A visual productivity timer


I built a program that displays a progress bar on the web so that you can visualize how much time you have left for a task vs. how much progress you've made on that task. It's like an hourglass but better.

Productivity Bar

This was my first web application that I made as a successor to my original productivity bar. I focused on the timer aspect of the original bar, rather than the progress bar aspect. Mostly because I ended up using the timer more than the progress part.

Over time, I started using this as a pomodoro bar, rather than just a productivity bar. So I added a timeline at the bottom of the bar that displays the productivity and break times.

I have a few different ideas for the future of this project.

  • Add a session timer (keeps track of entire break/productive time)
  • Include session stats
  • Refactor to display better on mobile devices